Should I put my kids in an early nursery center?

The world is moving fast and at a very rapid pace. Today’s busy parents have many solutions when it comes to their kids’ supervision. They have the option to choose between daycare centers and early learning centers. Besides, both these options are considered as professional care with trained caregivers. Both places ensure child care and safety. With that being said, there are still differences between the two and parents need to make the correct decision. For that, parents need to make well-informed choices.

Both centers have many things in common. Similarities include a  well-structured and formal environment which is ideal for children. Usually, there’s also a specific timings for drop and pick up.

So why is it better to put kids in an early nursery center?

Not all children are alike:

Parents must be sensitive to the child’s learning needs during the most critical formative years of his life. These years are usually the first couple years. This is why making the right choice of nursery schools in Dubai is critical. You are sending your kid to the place that will shape his future intelligence. Not to mention, the best nursery school in Dubai will make sure to well shape the personality of your kid.

An early learning center like Leads Nursery is perhaps a more pragmatic choice. It’s because it lets children have their first learning in a well crafted environment. with other children and teachers. At Leads kids learn to follow instructions, share ideas, and interact with other children while familiarizing themselves with the tools they would need to succeed in the future. An early nursery center Dubai is not only a place that takes proper care of children. It also prepares them to start their formal school education on a confident note. 

Here are some reasons for sending your child to an early learning center.

1- Promotes emotional and social development

kids laughing together at the day care

The programs are well constituted and made by educational experts. The high-quality materials help develop relationships between children and their peers. The bond and communication with the parents and teachers also improves.

To allow kids to pick up the skills, the child must feel secure in the company of their teacher or caregiver. Such an environment reassures the child of being in safe hands where they can open up without any hesitation. The environment at a nursery in Nadd al Hamar is appropriate for making kids feel relaxed. They become confident in themselves in the company of teachers and caregivers.  The trained teachers there encourage engagement. This helps children to develop social skills, and stoke their curiosity. Teachers try to imbibe the emotional traits in children that are necessary to succeed in their later years.

2-Taking care of themselves and others

girl kissing her friend on the forehead in a nursery

Learning new tasks makes children more self-reliant as they learn to take care of themselves. They develop a sense of self-esteem that helps them realize their worth. Teachers try to infuse real-life skills in children by giving them some responsibilities like feeding the classroom pets or setting a table. Teachers at the early learning centers make children understand the importance of helping others. Children learn about behavior that would help them in bonding well with others in the future.

3-Centers offer a structured environment and fun

kids having fun in a nursery school

It is beneficial for children to grow up in a structured environment that helps them mix and play well with others while making friends and having fun. A structured environment does not mean that teachers are always minding the children and making corrections. Teachers are patient enough to coach children continuously in several ways that encourage appropriate behaviors and outcomes. Children grow within a framework of organized schedules and spaces that promote learning and socializing.

4-Enhances cognitive and language skills

kids learning new stuff

Children’s vocabulary grows at an incredible pace from 900 words to 2500 words between the age of 3 and 5 years. They start learning more complex sentences. The language-rich setting of early learning centers encourages conversational games and teachers ask thought-provoking questions to children to augment their language skills. To take the language skills further, teachers encourage children to talk about their favorite animals, tell stories, and sing. Moreover, involving children in hands-on activities that challenge their minds and trigger questions enhances their early cognitive learning abilities.

5-Encourage curiosity among children

kids holding play balls and putting them in front of their eyes in a play room

Curiosity expands the horizon of learning among children. Teachers at the learning centers identify the child’s ideas and interests to develop activities that drive their curiosity. Children of the preschool age group have a highly active imagination and depend on make-believe situations to play while learning. To fuel engagement and curiosity, teachers at the learning centers harp upon the line between make-believe and reality.

6-Improves reading and mathematical skills

excited kids learning in a daycare

Curiosity among children helps improve their reading and mathematical skills. When preparing children for kindergarten teachers at the learning centers offer a variety of activities and games that promote matching and reading skills suited for the per-kindergarten level.


The learning centers make children ready for heading toward elementary and kindergarten schools.