Parents are equally disturbed when a child is distressed in their nursery school. Then how should parents react to such a situation instead of just worrying? Some parents may reconsider sending their kids to school and think waiting until the child grows older would be feasible. Others may worry about the child’s emotional well-being but cannot do anything. 

The best solution is to talk to the school authorities and explain child behavior concerns. 

In this article, we will look b at how a parent can make their child happy and settle in a Nursery in Dubai and what to do if the child is distressed. 

Make them settle at home after school. A child may react to new surroundings in school, where they may encounter many other children and will be excited with playful activities and bonding. Once they come back home, they might find it difficult to stay alone and get sleep. The opposite issue would be when they might not be able to make friends at school and come back home and suffer from anxiety. 

A good way would be to give a restful break to the child before they go back home. Some children need a couple of hours to adapt to new situations and settle down. Also, a parent can visit the nursery and see if any activity is not suiting their child and causing distress. Some children may not adapt well to too much noise and activity and may become shy and fearful. 

Parents can speak to the staff and teacher and request them about how to handle this transition for the child who is showing distress.  

Give time to make friends

A child needs to make friends, and making friends at this age is considered beneficial to the child’s overall development. Many parents are anxious about how their child will make friends immediately in nursery school. 

The solution is that children know how who and when to make friends. This is why childhood friendships are better, stable, and survive a lifetime than adult friendships. A parent should allow the child to take their time and choose and make friends with other children in the school. Parents need to look at how big or small the groups are and whether their child is comfortable there or not. Also, parents should give more opportunities to their children to bond with others in school and after school hours. The more a child has friends in school, the less they will be distressed or nervous. 

Balance the child’s activities 

Children in the smaller age group cannot cope with too many activities. They prefer light to study and workload. Parents and teachers should start slowly and build up capacity as they settle down at the school and become more familiar with people and the environment. 

Parents at home can make a daily schedule that gives the child enough rest and time to be comfortable. 

Provide enough attention 

The child needs to be treated well by the staff at the childhood center in Dubai. If a parent notices their child in a group is not paying equal attention to other children, they should talk to the concerned teacher. Also, parents should check with other parents and find out how other children cope.  

Make sure the child gets enough sleep 

Parents should ensure that there is a fixed sleep routine for the child. Children nowadays sleep late at night, often distracted by mobile and television. Parents should ensure they go to bed at the right time and get enough sleep. So, they are not irritable the next day while going to nursery school. 

Explain to the child what nursery is all about 

This is the basic thing parents should do before sending their child to nursery school. Children in nursery schools are aged 3-5 years, and they stay for a few hours in school every day. Parents should explain to the child what nursery school is all about and what they can expect there, like teachers, other children, studies, and fun activities. It will become easier for the child not to get scared when they go to a new place. 


It is usual for a child to get stressed when going to nursery school. Some children adapt well, while others take longer. Parents should be patient whiling dealing with the new situation and provide emotional support to their children. In the short or medium, the child settles down, becomes friendlier, and gets ready to attend regular school.