Tips to find the best nursery in dubai

As parents we want the best for our children: the best education, the best outfits and the best life. Becoming new parents is stressful because of that tension and stress of providing your kids with the best products and services outhere. So when it comes to finding an early nursery center , the requirements are no different. 

kids playing at a nursery school

To find the best nursery in dubai, you will need to consider many factors and ask a lot of questions to find a convenient dubai early childhood development centre. These questions are the following:

1- Will my kids be happy?

2-Will these nursery schools in dubai adapt to my kids’ learning needs?
3- Is there room for daily or weekly feedback?
4-Does it offer social interaction possibilities ?
5- Is the nursery going to impact my kids’ behavior negatively or positively? 


The decision to pursue a good life and path for your kids is a great starting point for any parent. So take a deep breath, you are in the right direction. To help you better understand and make your decisions, we created a step by step process or guide on the important things you need to do.


1- The potential list

The first step we recommend is to sit down with your partner and list down all the potential nurseries or preschool in dubai that you have considered. These could be schools recommended from your parents/family members or friends. 

These could also mean adding in a random nursery in dubai that you found online and you thought it’s interesting. By online it could be via a search on Google or any social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

We recommend you write down the name of 20 nurseries maximum


In this list you will add the following:


  • Name of the childcare
  • The opening and closing hours
  • The costs: Is it per day/week or month or do they have all the options
  • Contact details


Once you have done that, we suggest you do the process of elimination . Check if the opening and closing hours are suitable for you. Is it close to where you work? Is the time management going to be easy or are you going to make some alterations.

As for the cost, does the offering suit your needs? So ask yourself are you in need of a nursery every day or on specific days?


Now, you should have some shortlisted candidates. The next step here is to contact the shortlisted schools and ask if there is availability for your kids. Obviously, if there’s no extra seat left that would mean you need to eliminate this nursery and remove it from your list. 


2-Schedule a visit

Now that you have a short list and know there’s availability in that place, go ahead and schedule a visit. Your visit is important as you will be able to get the actual vibe of the place and you’re gonna be able to ask questions in person. 

We recommend you also take your kids with you. This way you will be able to better see his reaction towards the place. 

Things to look for when you visit a nursery:

  • The staff: Do they seem friendly? Are they friendly when talking to your kid? What degrees and qualifications fo they have
  • Location: Is it in a safe area?
  • The other kids: If you get to visit the nursery on a regular day, make sure to pay extra attention to the kids there. These are also people that your son or daughter are going to be interacting with and gaining social skills from
  • The welcome: How did you feel about the welcoming vibe when you got there? Always trust your parental instincts

If you are overwhelmed about the visit, don’t worry as well. We have prepared for you a checklist with the top questions to ask

The List

1- What is the ratio of staff to kids/children?
2- How many children do you usually take?
3-What type of food/lunch/snacks do you give the kids?
4-What is the nursery policies on disciplining kids
5-How do you deal with a tantrum?
6-Tell me about a time where a kids didn’t want to enter the class and how you handled the situation
7-Do you provide nappies or is it the parents responsibility?
8-What are the fun activities you do for kids?
9-What are a day to day activities you can tell me about
10- Are there any parent numbers or reference numbers you can give me?

3-Reference check

Now you have a better image of the physical place, the environment and the culture. But that’s not enough. The next phase now is contacting another parent where his kids go to that same nursery. Do not hesitate to ask them the same questions you asked the nursery staff/ principal.

With that, you’ll see if what the staff said matched the parents. With this you should have a better vision on which childhood center you want to put your kids in.

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