In the grand scheme, a child’s attendance at a Dubai Early Child Development Centre is a minor but crucial step. It allows them to leave the safety and security of their homes, exposes them to the outside world, and helps them to develop independence. While doing so is acceptable, there will come a time when parents must enroll the child in a formal school. 

Playschool helps the child prepare for formal schooling by putting them in a positive frame of mind that will allow them to embrace it without resistance.

What is the importance of a play school?

Since a play school serves as the children’s second home, there is usually enough material and interesting activities to keep them occupied for two to three hours. Here, the child can establish self-worth, comprehend the significance of their name, and begin socializing, which is an essential part of the educational process. 

Every child who attends play school gains skills for efficient communication with highly qualified teachers and other kids. A play school establishes the groundwork for an extensive educational journey that, on average, lasts for the child’s following 20 years of life. Preschoolers’ acquired abilities and skills prepare them well for the later transactions and negotiations that life entails.

Let us go through some of the more prominent effects play schools have on children: –

Numerous studies on the value of play schools have been done. They all demonstrate that kids who start learning at a tender age tend to be more outgoing, confident, and social. Because of the positive habits they formed in the early phases of their development, they can learn new abilities more quickly and use them in their daily lives. Children’s personalities improve due to the self-assurance that comes from learning in constructive cycles.

The most significant advantages of a good playschool for a kid are a positive outlook on learning and knowledge of the language’s fundamentals. Additionally, improved comprehension and self-management and positive peer interactions help the child. A child’s innate talents and endowments are soon allowed to emerge and flourish because they are given free licenses to explore the different aspects of life that interest them the most.

Qualities to look for while selecting a play school for children: 

  1. Reputation 

Many families focus their search for a top-notch nursery or preschool program by listening to good recommendations from others. It is an effective idea to start the process by asking dependable friends about their positive experiences. You might also think about browsing social media groups for young family users.

  1. Amiable environment

The first time a youngster spends time outside the home is frequently in nursery or preschool. For the sake of helping a child develop social skills, it is critical they feel comfortable working side by side with the classroom teachers. Hence, a child must have a positive environment in the nursery school, he or she gets into. 

Amazing teachers

Prioritizing passionate and caring educators and personnel should be a top goal. Regardless of how great the campus is, the program is made by the administrators and professors. Parents should only collaborate with institutions that hire faculty members who are competent and trained. However, it might be challenging to pinpoint passion. However, it is one of the main characteristics that set an excellent preschool apart from an average one.

Basic knowledge of the language, a positive attitude in favor of learning, enhanced self-management, and healthy interaction with peers are the significant effects a good playschool can have on the child. 


People looking for the Best nursery in Dubai should consider the facts mentioned above before getting their child into one of the playschools. However, apart from the said aspects, several other factors are considered before choosing a school. Hence, parents should do their research thoroughly before making a final decision. 

One of the early learning centers in Dubai is Leads Nursery. It is one of the best playschools in the UAE with its hands-on approach towards teaching and caring for children. It offers freedom to children to explore their natural abilities and seek those facets of life which interest them.