Nursery in Dubai: What are the things to look for? 

It is finally time where you’re thinking of enrolling your kids in dubai early child development center or a nursery But you’re worried and anxious about all the things that could go wrong.
This is a very important step in your child’s future where it will potentially set the road for his future success,

If you kind of know where and how to start looking for the best nursery center then that’s great but if you have no idea where to start that’s also fine as we got you covered !

This is our guide on the things that you need to look for in an early childhood center in Dubai:

early childhood center


This is absolutely the first thing that comes to mind when we’re talking about a nursery. Where is it located? Is it near your house or does it require a long commute from your house/work. Normally it’s rare to have our work and house locations near each other.
So that’s an additional concern to worry about. Does your kid’s e
early nursery centre in Dubai need to be near your house or near your work?

-> Near work: This would be an ideal location for when your kids suddenly don’t feel well or are sick. That way it would be closer to you to pick them up and take them to the nearest doctor or hospital.
This is also a great idea in case you are dealing with separation anxiety and would want to check up on your kids on your lunch break if you miss them that much !

-> Near your house: This would be better in case you’re a stay at home mom. You could also be a working mom where you simply prefer your kid’s nursery to be closer at home in case your spouse or a close relative needs to pick them up upon your requests in case of emergency.
As a matter of fact, here there’s no “best” option to choose from. It just depends on your personal preferences.


The nursery is authentic and real

Make sure that the dubai early childhood development center you decided to enroll your babies at is well accredited and registered. Make sure that the owner of the center and the personnel there have the correct and right qualifications to deal with kids.
Don’t be afraid to ask about these details. Usually nurseries would be more than happy to share this kind of information to make you feel comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to call and schedule a visit

There is nothing wrong about going for a visit and seeing the place. This way you’ll be able to get hands-on experience on how things are. Therefore while you’re there make sure to check for:

  -The reception time/area: When you first went there how did they greet you? Were they welcoming and friendly?
  Also check the reception area, does it seem to be calm and stimulates comfortless for when your kids go there in the morning? These are major things that you would not want to overlook as this sets your kids moods to actually go to the nursery for the rest of the year.

  -The atmosphere: Does the place feel “homey?” Does everyone seem like a big loving family? If you nodded your head yes then that means you’re at the right place.

  – Hygiene and cleanliness : Yes, the goal is to have your kids have the best learning possible but that does not mean you can neglect this.
The place’s hygiene is either a big no no or a big yes yes !

  -The play area: Is it stimulating and calm?

-Parking : Now this is more for you or the person driving the kids off. Check for the parking facilities and how close they are to the center. If there’s no parking facilities,is the parking on the street safe for kids?

-The kids at the nursery: If you happen to visit the nursery on a day where there’s kids, then take a look at their facial expressions: Do they look at ease, happy and relaxed?

The Pricing:

Check the pricing and it if matches your budget.

The Environment

The school environment needs to be engaging, fun, and friendly. Kids develop their communication and social skills at preschool.
They will open only in a friendly environment where one is encouraged to play and learn. So, if you are searching for a preschool, look out for this aspect


Finding a preschool that stimulates the curiosity of the child, provides a nurturing and engaging atmosphere, and is a lot of fun for tiny ones may throw any parent into a spin! Finding the “best” Preschool is about determining which one feels “right” for the child. It is critical to consider the individual needs of the children, as what is best for one child may not be best for another.

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