Our team

Our team is responsible for maintaining a safe and fun environment for young children. Their duties include coming up with creative and educational activities. They are also responsible for the well-being of the children under their care.

Leads Early Teacher Manar



I have been working as a KG teacher for 20 years now.I have a diploma in early childhood education along with a bachelor degree.
I have passion for teaching and I believe that early years teachers always put the first brick in students personalities.

I like reading and I believe that every child shines in his own way if given the proper guidance

Leads Early Teacher Marwa



I’ve been in the teaching field for over 8 years now. I’ve worked with different age groups starting from 2 years old up to 11.
My experience was mainly teaching toddlers following the Montessori method, which helps toddlers develop and start exploring their abilities and the world around them. Also I taught EYFS students following the British Curriculum.

I’m thrilled to pass my knowledge and experience to my little ones, to see them grow and learn all about themselves and their surroundings.

Leads Early Admin Amal


I am very passionate about being around children as I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids. I have a degree in dentistry and previous experience as a Site Leader at Unilabs Middle East in Expo 2020. I love bringing out the creative side in learning. My goal is to setup and support students and faculty for success during the day. My role is centered around providing a well-balanced, supportive, and engaging environment enabling students and teachers to reach their highest potential. I support administrative work, school tours for parents and students registration

Leads Early Teacher Assistant Shairmine
Teacher assistant


I have worked with children for 3 years in school that follows British curriculum. I have Diploma of Elementary Education.

I love my job and enjoy art and crafts as will as being with the children a lot .moreover, I always make sure to give them the best safe and fun activities

Leads Early Teacher Assistant Michelle

Teacher assistant


I have worked as a teacher assistant for 2 years, and during those two years I really enjoyed my job because I am always happy to give the best care for the students. I really enjoy guiding and supporting the children and I ensure at all times the safety of the children in a healthy and clean environment.My favourite activities with children are dancing and workout