The first big milestone in your kids life is probably going to be the daycare. It’s their first time dealing with the outside world on their own. They’re gonna be apart from you for the first time and let’s be real it’s going to be difficult. With that being said, starting daycare is also exciting as well as they get to connect with people their age and build social connections and start their learning journey.
learning journey

So, what can you do as a parent to reduce stress and prepare your kids mentally for a day care in dubai?

1- Visit the daycare together

You’re definitely going to look for a daycare and in your search you’re gonna plan a physical visit. So, if you are able to take your kid/s with you on that visit that would be great. When your kids visit these nursery schools in dubai they’ll need to process the playroom, the physical location, the surroundings as well as the people. So when you give them the opportunity to process without the stress of having alot of people there, they’ll feel more relaxed on the first day.

2- Encourage them to make new friends

Kids will start building their confidence as well as social relationships in any dubai early childhood development center. So, encourage the initiation process with them on how to start building their connections. Let them know how fun it is to play with these people. Also, if it’s possible, try to ask the owner of the nursery in dubai if there’s parents that are willing to schedule a playdate before.

3-Play “Daycare” at home

Pretend playing actually helps your kid understand the concept of daycare. Plan a play day where you pretend to ‘drop’ your kid in childcare. Choose a designated room where you can call it the daycare and decorate it with some drawings. Also, add a chair and table for your kid. Take turns in playing. One day you’ll be the teacher and the next time it’s your kid. This will surely encourage them for when they visit the real early learning center

4- Share your personal experiences from that time

Kids love to connect with you and have similar experiences. So tell your little ones about your old days in the nursery and tell them about all the good times. Go for whatever stories you think will stimulate them is. Show them pictures and/or photographs if you have some.

5- Make getting-ready in the morning a fun activity

Children can be really grumpy in the morning which can make them less excited about going to the nursery. So make waking up in the morning and getting ready for a game. Who can put on their jackets the fastest ?

6- Practice and new routine

Decide on the time you need to wake your children up and what time they need to sleep at. Start with this new ritual a few weeks before so they get used to it and adjust.

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