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About our nursery

Leads Nursery works hard to deliver the best care possible for your child and your family.

Our vision and Mission

At leads nursery

At leads nursery
We believe that Learners, Educators, and Achievers build their skills by exploring and creating their own world of achievements. Ensures that each child receives a solid beginning and achieves the skills and concepts to have a successful academic experience in developmentally appropriate programs.

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our values


Passion Captures opportunities and make things happen. Demonstrate a proactive approach to developing your professional knowledge, skills and experience.
Is love of teaching and learning. Children will respond well to someone who is passionate about teaching and helping them learn.


Superiority in doing things better than anyone else.
A well-maintained environment set up for children. An adequate number of staff who are sensitive and responsive to children.


Sharing your passions with your child could be a wonderful way to explore a special interest together.
A strong and genuine feeling of enjoyment resulting from the successes of the children in your care. a desire to respond to and empathize with the struggles and challenges the children may face.


Respect diversity.
We treat all families and children with honor and respect. We value diversity of cultures, languages, customs, religions, social and economic status. We do care for inclusive education as a part of our services under diversity in education and ensuring all children have equal learning and caring.
In order for children to succeed in school, we strive to develop strong self-esteem and ensure they have a positive self-image.