Why Choose Leads Nursery as Early Child Development Centre in Dubai

Leads Nursery is an early learning centre in Dubai that has a warm, welcoming, and skilled staff as well as excellent facilities, and a secure, safe, and healthy atmosphere.

We are focusing on all the critical and closely related areas of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth and learning to provide the best nursery in Dubai .

We believe that our guardians carry the potential to guide, mentor, and raise our children to become the best versions of themselves by providing an effective curriculum and approach that is personalized and created to address the needs of each child specifically. Our commitment to excellence ensures that Leads Nursery stands out as the best nursery in Dubai , offering unparalleled care and education for your little ones.

Choosing the best nursery in Dubai is crucial for your child’s development, and Leads Nursery is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where every child can thrive.

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What makes us a Unique Nursery In Dubai?

  • Child-Friendly Infrastructure

    Safe and Stimulating Spaces: Our purpose-built facility provides child-friendly classrooms, play areas, and learning zones. We prioritize safety while ensuring an engaging environment that sparks curiosity and creativity, making us a leading choice for the best preschool in Dubai.

    Age-Appropriate Resources: From colourful educational materials to age-appropriate toys, we create an environment that encourages exploration, learning, and fun. Our commitment to providing the best resources sets us apart as a premier preschool in Dubai.

  • Qualifies Staff and Teachers

    Experienced Educators: Our team consists of skilled teachers and assistants who are passionate about early childhood education. They hold relevant qualifications and certifications, ensuring your child receives the best guidance available in any preschool in Dubai.

    EYFS Curriculum: We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, emphasizing holistic development. Our teachers tailor their approach to meet individual needs, fostering a love for learning, which is a hallmark of the best preschool in Dubai.

  • Safety & Security

    Child Safety First: We prioritize safety protocols, including secure entry points, surveillance, and emergency procedures. Your child’s well-being is our top priority, making us a trusted nursery school in Dubai.

    Health and Hygiene: Our premises are regularly sanitized, and health guidelines are strictly followed. We maintain a clean and healthy environment for all children, reinforcing our reputation as a safe preschool in Dubai.

  • Holistic Learning

    Extra and Co-curricular Activities: We focus on all critical aspects of growth: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. Our curriculum aligns with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), ensuring a comprehensive approach that defines our exceptional preschool in Dubai.

Best Pre-School Programs In Dubai

  • Toddlers

    Warm and Welcoming Environment: Our toddler program at Leads Nursery, an early learning center in Dubai, provides a safe and nurturing space where little ones explore, learn, and grow. We understand the importance of a gentle transition from home to school, making us a top choice for parents searching for a kids nursery near me.Play-Based Learning: Toddlers engage in age-appropriate activities that encourage curiosity, fine motor skills, and social interaction. From sensory play to music and movement, we foster holistic development, setting us apart among play schools in Dubai.

  • Nursery

    Structured Learning: Our nursery program introduces structured routines while maintaining a playful atmosphere. Children learn through hands-on experiences, storytelling, and creative play, ensuring we are recognized as one of the best nurseries in Dubai.

    Language Development: We focus on language acquisition, vocabulary building, and early literacy. Our skilled educators guide children as they express themselves and communicate effectively, cementing our status as one of the top nursery schools in Dubai.

  • Preschool

    Holistic Curriculum: Our preschool curriculum aligns with international standards, emphasizing cognitive, emotional, and social development. Children explore math, science, art, and language in an engaging way, making us one of the best preschools in Dubai.

    Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Preschoolers develop essential skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork. We encourage curiosity and a love for learning, qualities that are central to pre-schools in Dubai.

    Preparation for School: Our goal is to prepare children for formal schooling. We focus on independence, self-help skills, and a positive attitude towards education, distinguishing us as a leading early learning centre near me.

    For parents in specific areas, Leads Nursery is highly accessible and renowned. We are one of the best nurseries in Nadd Al Hamar Dubai, offering excellent programs for young children. Our nursery in Nad Al Hamar caters to the local community, providing a trusted environment for early education.


Leads Nursery provided an exceptional experience for my child. The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive, creating a warm and nurturing environment. The facilities were clean, safe, and well-equipped with age-appropriate toys and learning materials. My child thoroughly enjoyed his time at the nursery and made new friends. I appreciated the regular updates and communication from the nursery, which helped me stay involved in my child’s progress. Overall, Leads Nursery is highly recommended for parents seeking a caring and enriching environment for their children.

Mahmoud Hesham,

The services are really amazing for my kid, it is really well organized and the staff is well qualified. I appreciate the way of modern education the nursery is providing. The summer camp is amazing and full of joy for the kids. My kid is eager always to go to the nursery and he is enjoying his time. Thanks from my heart to the team of leads nursery. It is really the safe place to keep your kids.

Omar Khalil,

I am so impressed with the level of care my child receives at Leads nursery . All the staff are welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic .

They are super  attentive to my child’s needs and give thorough feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend leads nursery.

Nada Nouh,

One of the best education center for the childhood, where child can get well introduction for school, care, social interactive, steps to move- forward. The team building is well prepared, friendly and supportive. Highly recommended nursery.

Mona Alloh,

The best nursery in Dubai ♥️♥️♥️  the staff are amazing, the location is good and the place is sooo clean !

Education and entertainment for the kids all the time ♥️ and the fees are fair compared to the excellent service provided 🙏♥️highly recommended 👍👍👍

Nermin J.R,

Amazing place in the neighbourhood for the kids. I saw a great positive change in the personality of my kid where he is more social now and even share his toys with others, both were a worrying points that I raised to the team there when I enrolled my son. They personalised multiple sessions for my kid to help him develop these skills. They even organized few field trips with the purpose of developing the social skills for the kids, and that day my son came back very excited and happy. Highly recommend this place for parents who need a bit of help with their kids and even who want them to learn pre-school and have great times.

Aiham Zidan,

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Leads Early Childhood Center communicates with parents through regular updates, newsletters, parent-teacher meetings, and a dedicated communication app to ensure they are always informed about their child’s progress and activities.

Leads Early Nursery is located in Nadd Al Hamar Dubai, providing a convenient and accessible location for families in the area.

The nursery operates from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, offering flexible hours to accommodate the schedules of busy parents.

Children at Leads Early Childhood Center engage in a variety of activities, including play-based learning, arts and crafts, music and movement, outdoor play, and structured educational sessions designed to foster holistic development.

Leads Nursery accepts children from  1 to 6  years old, catering to different stages of early childhood development.

When your child completes nursery, we assist with their transition to primary school, providing recommendations and support to ensure a smooth progression in their educational journey.

Children at Leads Early Childhood Center engage in a variety of activities, including play-based learning, arts and crafts, music and movement, outdoor play, and structured educational sessions designed to foster holistic development.

Yes, Leads Nursery is a kindergarten & we are preparing kids for school.

Yes, Leads Nursery functions as a preschool, offering a curriculum that prepares children for the next stage of their education by fostering essential developmental skills.

A nursery school is an educational institution for young children, typically between the ages of 1 to 6  years, where they engage in early learning activities that promote social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development

A kindergarten is an educational setting for children typically aged 1 to 6 years, focusing on preparing them for formal schooling through a structured curriculum that includes basic literacy, numeracy, and social skills.

A preschool is an educational program designed for young children, usually aged 1 to 6 years, that emphasizes early learning and development to prepare them for kindergarten and future schooling.

Leads Nursery offers instruction primarily in English, with additional support in Arabic to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of its students.